What is Health Promotion


Health goes beyond what we may imagine.

Working with Health Promotion means supporting the implementation of public policies with actions aimed to prevent the conditioning and determining factors of diseases, creating healthy environments, education for the community, individual and collective skills development, as well as reorganizing healthcare services.

Ottawa Charter, International Conference document on Health Promotion, signed in Ottawa, Canada, in 1986.

Health Promotion

The development of Health Promotion actions that improve knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behavior is the best strategy to encourage people and communities to have resources for the improvement of their quality of life, control of their health, and ability to claim healthy regions.


Focused Planning and Policies

Health Promotion results from social, economic, political, cultural, collective, and individual factors, and requires that governing authorities prioritize policies that achieve the goal of having a healthy population through the creation of programs that support healthy urbanization, foster family farming, as well planning cities that stimulates hiking, implementing bike lanes, reducing air and water pollution, among other initiatives.

In this respect, promoting health is to support policies, plans, and programs with actions that prevent people and their families from exposing themselves to conditioning and determining factors of diseases, such as food, housing, basic sanitation, environment, labor, income, education, transportation, leisure activities and access to goods and services essential for good health.