Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How does the Institute operate?

The Institute develops and works with projects that are connected to its core values of sustainability in the public health sector, respect for people, diversity, integrity, and transparency of health promotion actions.


The Institute supports projects that meet the following criteria:

As for Healthcare Impact
  1. Aligned with and relevant to healthcare: synergy with the First 1,000 Days concept, prevention of risk factors associated with NCDs, and health promotion.
  2. Scalability: clear scalability and/or replicability of the project in other locations facing the same challenges.
  3. Tangibility of impact: the possibility of identifying and measuring tangible indicators.
  4. Innovation: the innovative capacity of the initiative.
  5. Scope: the potential to generate impact and benefit people.
As for Operational Capacity
  1. Financial viability: the possibility of co-financing with partners.
  2. Technical capacity: Instituto Opy’s knowledge and ability to implement and manage projects.
  3.  Ability to set up partnerships: the Institute’s networking with strategic, financial, and technical partners.
  4.  Experience of strategic partners: project technical management capacity and team qualification.

How can I be a partner of the Institute?

We are always available to talk with organizations that are aligned with a vision of health promotion, the First 1,000 Days of Life, and prevention of risk factors associated with NCDs.

  •  We seek partnerships with renowned public and private institutions that are committed to equity in health;

  • We establish a formal relationship through Agreements or other forms of contracts outlining the roles and responsibilities of each partner;

  • We observe Opy Health’s Code of Ethics, especially regarding anti-corruption, slave labor, and general data protection laws. Click here to read our Code of Conduct;

  • We encourage transparency rules when managing social and environmental programs and projects, when assessing results, and when ensuring accountability regarding budget and spending.
I would like to learn more about the social investment policy (coming soon)

If you would like to be a partner of the Institute, please send an email to contato@institutoopy.org.br